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Jon Butters

"Be kind to this world"
Climbing Since
..I am 17 years old, when I should have been studying
Annual Chalk Consumption
Off the charts
Hardest Route
8b - Local Spirit, Hong Kong and V11 - Nutsa, Rocklands

Jon is currently crushing it! Touring the world, finding untouched crags and uplifting everyone he meets along the way! And he’s a professional photographer too! Proud to have him on board the 8BPLUS Team. If the pic is stunning, its probably taken by Jon.

Age: 32

From: Cardiff, UK

Favourite spot: Fontainebleau

Favourite gear: Moritz is the most powerful sidekick!

Success Stories: Every day out is a success!

If not climbing: Sleeping and dreaming haha!

Future plans: Keep exploring!

Link: Butters Homepage