Just gaze into those large saucer-like white button eyes. Moritz will charm you into submission with his cuteness. From those eyes to his smirk, to his fuzzy artificial fur, you can’t get anything more adorable to hold your chalk. Strap this bundle of cheeky cuteness to your hip and bring him along on your next climb.


He has a soft pile fleece lining. This makes for perfect chalk distribution. Access to the chalk is a breeze with the extra stiff access rim. You’ll also have plenty of room with the 12.5 cm wide opening.
He comes with his own belt, carabiner, and gift box. He also has dual brush holders. That way it doesn’t matter if you’re right or left handed.
There’s a drawstring closure for the chalk to help you keep your chalk neat and dry. These features are added because each bag is handmade by climbers, for climbers.
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Chalkbags Features 1
12,5 cm wide opening
Chalkbags Features 2
Carabiner + Belt included
Chalkbags Features 3
2 Brush holders, for Left & Right Handers
Chalkbags Features 4
Giftbox included


Anything but simple. Soft pile lining helps for ideal chalk distribution, while the draw string closure seals the chalk bag neatly and keeps your chalk dry. 8BPLUS chalkbags are well-sized with an extra stiffened access rim, so every time you reach back to chalk up you'll only feel the chalk on your finger tips. Effortless chalking up. Features brush holders on left and right side. This is a handmade chalkbag developed by climbers for climbers, with no compromises on quality or functionality.