Tobias Lechner

"There's nothing I can't climb!"
Climbing Since
Annual Chalk Consumption
7kg, strong upward trend
Hardest Route
Land der Hämmer (8b+)

Tobias is an 8BPLUS team climber since the beginning. His moves are impressive, his talent indisputable, and it is his ambitious goal to soon be among the best of the worldwide climbing circus. 8bplus will support this, wherever possible. Hang loose, Tobi!

Age: 24

From: Schwaz / Tirol (Austria)

Favourite spot: Zillertal (Tyrol), and Fuerstein (Tyrol)

Favourite gear: My STAN Chalkbag and my GoPro Cam

Success Stories:
Placed 16th at the Austrian Boulderchampionships
Placed 3rd at Tyrol Cup 2011
3x Winner at Naturfreunde Bouldercup
En route to crush 8c

If not climbing: …I think of climbing!

Future plans: To climb better than my dad!
(Am doing that since a while but he likes to hear that…)