Who’s got your back? Felix has your back. He’s crazy strong and loves holding chalk. He may have a charming and slightly silly smile, but he’s built to put in some work. Get out there and show your strength with Felix, the mighty chalk bag!


He features a reinforced access rim, so he’s ready and there for you whenever you reach back for some more chalk.
There’s a drawstring closure that keeps your chalk contained, neat, and dry. He comes prepared with a belt, carabiner, and dual brush holders.
His outsides are a plush cuddly artificial fur. While his insides are a soft pile fleece, perfect for that even distribution of chalk. The opening is 12.5 cm wide, so your hand is sure to fit.
Plus, he has two brush holders, so he’s got you covered with either your left or right hand.
He also comes with accessories! You’ll get a belt, carabiner, and gift bag.
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Chalkbags Features 1
12,5 cm wide opening
Chalkbags Features 2
Carabiner + Belt included
Chalkbags Features 3
2 Brush holders, for Left & Right Handers
Chalkbags Features 4
Giftbox included


Anything but simple. Soft pile lining helps for ideal chalk distribution, while the draw string closure seals the chalk bag neatly and keeps your chalk dry. 8BPLUS chalkbags are well-sized with an extra stiffened access rim, so every time you reach back to chalk up you'll only feel the chalk on your finger tips. Effortless chalking up. Features brush holders on left and right side. This is a handmade chalkbag developed by climbers for climbers, with no compromises on quality or functionality.



Fur (artificial)


Fleece (100% Poly)


125 gram


Biner, Belt, Beltloops, Drawstring closure