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 Top Rock Climbing Instagram Influencers to Follow for Inspiration

Rock climbing is not for everyone

Rock climbing is not for everyone, it is a full-body sport that conquers the most common fears, as you boulder and climb those death-defying cliffs. Nowadays, there are approximately 35 million rock-climbers worldwide, which means that there are some pretty inspiring climbers to follow out there.

Sometimes, when you are (literally) stuck between a rock and a hard place, a little inspiration is the perfect remedy to help get you un-stuck and keep pushing to get that selfie on the top of that cliff. For that inspiration, look no further than the top climbing Instagram influencers who have already been there and done that!

These influencers seem to have no fear as they take on new challenges and dominate whatever cliff is in their way.

So, who are the top climbing Instagram influencers to follow?

Keep reading to find out who you should follow for some more climbing inspiration!

1. Margo Hayes

Margo Hayes is one of those up and coming climbers that dominates any path put in front of her. Following her Instagram account will definitely provide you with some much-needed inspiration

At the ripe age of 19, she became the first woman to successfully climb “La Ramba” in Spain, a challenging 5.15 a-rated route. That surely wasn’t enough for her as she followed that up with another 5.15 a-rated route in France, “Biographie”.

2. Robbie Phillips

This badass climber not only climbs the most challenging routes, but he also travels the world doing so. Robbie is famous for greenpointing, which is a traditional and eco-friendly way of removing your gear from the wall at the end of the climb.

Robbie is also a Redbull sponsored athlete, which says a lot about his future potential!

3. Flash Foxy

This “badass lady crew”, as they like to be called is a group of women climbers who dominate their challenges as if it were a cake-walk. The best part about following this page of Instagram Influencers is that you get more than one person, you get to follow an entire group.

Each woman has their own incredible strength for climbing, so collectively, it makes this page irresistible to follow.

4. Angela Van Wiemeersch

There are many different styles of climbers out there, and while most people think to follow rock climbers, Angela Van Wiemeersch is a classic example of breaking the limits with ice-climbing.

This sport is unpredictable, dangerous, and everything that a climber needs to follow for more inspiration.

5. David Lama

With a name that sounds like Llama, you’d be sure this person has no fear of altitude and heights. David Lama’s Instagram page is full of inspiring climbs, with the most spectacular scenery. He climbs anything from cliffs in the desert to ice cliffs in major sub-zero temperatures.

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Now that you have a few Instagram influencers to follow, it is time to get out and climb. Remember you only miss the chances that you do not take!

If you are newer at climbing and want some tips to get you going, check out our article about how to get started as a novice climber.