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5 Reasons to Love Automatic Belay Systems



If you’re a climber, I bet you dream of what life would be like if you could climb alone. I mean, climbing partners are great and all, but coordinating two schedules is more challenging than coordinating one.

Since you started climbing, you’ve probably built trust with your climbing partner. They’ve probably been like a best friend; someone you can depend on when the climbing gets tough. But how cool would it be if you could practice whenever you wanted to? Pretty outrageously awesome, right?

Well, welcome to the future, where automatic belays make climbing practice as easy as showing up to the gym and crawling up and down walls like spider-man. Read on for reasons to love automatic belay systems.

Climbing Laps

Having a partner is great and all, but practice makes perfect, and with automatic belay systems, you get double the practice time. Not having to share the wall with a partner allows you to push yourself harder than ever before.

Your endurance will skyrocket with automatic belay systems. However, you’ll want to make sure no one is waiting for the wall at peak gym hours. It’s easy to get greedy with automatic belay systems, but remember to share the wealth.

Climbing Slowly

Automatic belay systems allow you to focus on individual climbing techniques. No one will be driving you up the proverbial wall. You can take your time, focus on your weaknesses, and push through to get to that next level of climbing you’ve been striving toward.

Individual climbing techniques take a long time and a lot of concerted effort to build. Constantly worrying about whether or not your partner is paying attention, or whether it’s their turn on the wall distracts you.

Climb slowly, and reach your goals faster.

Lead Climbing

Have you been thinking about taking that next step into lead climbing, but you’re being held back by a partner who insists on taking control? Automatic belays are for you.

While you’re in the gym, you can practice clipping in while the automatic belay acts as an insurance policy. Miss a clipping point? You have all the time in the world to perfect it. Next time you climb real rock walls, you’ll tell everyone to follow the leader.

Resting While you Climb

If you want to be a good climber, you need excellent endurance. Set up a game with your automatic belay system that puts you on the ground every time you miss a move. The game teaches you how to rest while you’re on the wall and builds mental toughness.

You’ll learn the key moments to execute moves on long climbing routes.

Eliminate Human Error

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional belay systems is that humans make mistakes. We are easily distracted and have a bunch of thoughts swirling around our brains. Automatic belay systems don’t.

You’ll enjoy peace of mind trusting a piece of equipment designed solely for your safety.

Automatic Belay Systems are the Wave of the Future

Climbing no longer requires loads of preparation and coordination. Read more about how automatic belay systems and other climbing equipment can help improve the quality of your climbing endeavors!