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Climbing Equipment

Climbing is one of the best ways to experience nature, and having the right equipment can make all the difference in the quality of your time in the outdoors.

Climbing equipment has changed considerably over the years. Take it from Stan, he’s seen how the sport evolved.  Technology has done wonders in protecting us from the elements and making us safer when on the crag.

No matter if you consider yourself a hardcore climber or simply a weekend warrior, innovation in climbing equipment over the decades has made your time spent in the rock considerably more safe and less primitive.

Then and Now: The Evolution of Climbing Equipment

Innovation and advances in technology have created major improvements in modern-day equipment. Here’s a look at where it all started.


Like other apparel, clothing has witnessed a significant evolution.

Early climbers and mountaineers dressed primary in items cut from cotton, wool, denim, and canvas. Those materials soaked up water and offered little in the way of insulation and protection from the wind and rough surfaces.

Today we have the luxury of warm, water-resistant, breathable fabrics such as nylon and Gore-Tex to keep us dry and comfortable.

Footwear is another item that has seen upgrades in material and construction. Climbing shoes are strong and lighter than ever.

Climbing Equipment

Climbing gear has also enjoyed a major evolution thanks to innovations in technology, making a dangerous sport considerably safer.

Equipment such as climbing rope, spring-loaded camming device (SLCD), and materials like sticky rubber for the soles of climbing shoes, have all allowed climbers to reach new heights with greater speed and with fewer risks.

The Evolution of Mountain Equipment

Technology is improving our lives on a daily basis, in every corner of our world. Innovation keeps us prepared and ready for the next adventure, and keeps our packs filled with equipment that is smaller, lighter, and stronger.

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