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 Floyd’s List of the Ten Best Unique Gifts for Rock Climbers

With more than 6% growth in new U.S. climbing gyms for each year since 2010, you probably know a few rock climbers yourself. Heck, you might even be one.

So what kinds of things do rock climbers need or want?

Well, there can be a lot of specific gear and equipment involved with rock climbing. You don’t want to buy something that a climber won’t use or like.

Luckily, sweet-natured Floyd is here to help us out.

Check out this list of unique gifts for rock climbers that he put together.

Check out this list of unique gifts for rock climbers that he put together.

1. Chalkbags (himself and his chalkbag mates)

If you’re going to climb, you’re going to use chalk, which means you’ll need a bag to carry it in.

Enter Floyd and his buddies, and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift, both functional and cute.

2. Wristbands

Some might think that climbers never care about style and fashion because of the rugged nature of the sport. The truth is they’re some of the most exciting people you’ll ever meet, and they almost always wear unique or interesting pieces.

Durable yet beautiful jewelry is a stylish climber’s best friend. Give them one or more of these wristbands so they can dress up a little on the crag or show off their hobby at a party.

3. Gym Membership

The outdoors isn’t the only place to “rock” climb these days. Climbing and bouldering gyms are on the rise, with nearly 600 in North America alone.

Most climbing gyms have varying rates, usually by class, month, or year. Regardless of which you choose, this is one of the best gifts for rock climbers because it allows them to do what they love.

4. Climbing Brush

Remember all that chalk you’re using? Sometimes you need to brush it off the rocks so you can get a better grip.

And, I heard grip is essential for rock climbing.

So is your brush choice. The 8BPLUS Boulder Brush, which is made out of 100% natural materials, environmentally-friendly and long-lasting, is a great gift for you climber friend.

5. Chalk

Oh yeah, you might also want to put something in that chalk bag of yours! What’s unique about chalk, you say?

Glad you asked!

Not all chalk is the same because not all climbers are the same. There’s chalk for the sweaty and chalk for the dry-skinned. Get the chalk that will suit your buddy’s needs the best.

6. Climbing Apparel

If you’re in the rock climbing world, then you know the lingo and slang that makes others scratch their heads in confusion. It’s OK, they’ll learn eventually.

Display your knowledge and passion proudly with these shirts!

7. Headlamp/Lantern

For your outdoor rock climbing enthusiasts, the gift of light will surely come in handy. You can use a headlamp or lantern for scouting locations, setting up camp, or even an adventurous night climb.

8. Training Gear

It’s not always possible to be at the climbing gym or on the rocks outdoors, which is why there’s gear for you to train with at home.

I’m talking hand strengtheners, rock rings, and forearm strengtheners. They’ll help you keep that edge you need, even in your off-season.

9. Cooler

Rock climbing is easy. Said no one ever. It’s a lot of hard work.

And it gets hot. Like, sweltering hot. Which is why you need something to keep the drinks and snacks cold and fresh.

10. Gear Bag

You think your gear is going to organize itself? It’s not. That’s why you need a gear bag for all your stuff!

A lightweight, rugged bag is necessary when you’re looking for a great gift for rock climbers.

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