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Rocky’s Guide to Rock Climbing Essentials

Thousands of people are trying rock climbing for the first time each day. But, because of the nature of the sport, climbing often seems out of reach to many.

Well, it doesn’t have to be!

If you’ve always wanted to go climbing but don’t know where to start, Rocky has the ultimate list for you.

1.) Practice Indoor Climbing

There are two types of climbing, indoors and outdoors. These have their subcategories, but to get to grips with how climbing works, you should start in a climbing gym.

Learning the rock climbing essentials in a climbing gym is more comfortable and safer. By going to a dedicated gym, you can rent equipment, learn the basics, and get a lesson from a professional.

2.) Learn the Lingo

Learning the lingo is essential in rock climbing. Here are some of the basics:

Belaying is when a climber secures the rope for another while they climb.

Rappelling is when you descend a rope to the ground.

Locking carabiners connect the rope to the harness. They are metal links.

A harness is a belt that wraps around the waist and the legs. It has attachments that keep you connected to the rope.

A chalk bag will be vital to your ability to climb for long periods of time. Keeping your chalk close will help you absorb some of the moisture from your hands. Your chalk bag clips to your harness. And you can never go wrong with an 8bplus chalk bag

Lastly, rock shoes are specially designed rock climbing shoes. They have smooth soles made of thick and sturdy rubber.

3.) Practice Your Technique

The urge to get outside when you start rock climbing is strong. That said, you need to get your technique down to a T before you go out in the great outdoors.

While on the gym walls, you can practice your bouldering, top roping, and lead climbing. Mastering these will equip you with the skills to take on more adventurous climbs in nature.

4.) Practice Outdoors With an Experienced Climber

Even with all the practice in the world in the gym, you must practice outdoors before taking on any hard climbs.

Go with an expert climber or take climbing lessons. You could also hire a guide to show you the ropes.

5.) Safety First

Between 1998 and 2011, the RMRG rescued just over 400 rock climbers in Boulder County alone.

With this in mind, you must learn all the necessary safety measures so that you don’t find yourself relying on others to get up and down a wall.

You should learn how to tie all your knots yourself. Some of the most critical knots include:

The retrace figure eight which is the best way to attach a harness to the end of the rope.

The girth hitch which will come in handy when attaching slings.

The clove hitch which is used to tie in at an anchor or attach a rope to a carabiner.

Additionally, you should learn to check your knots and your anchors during each climb and learn how to tie them to your rope.

If you fall in love with rock climbing, it’s easy to fall in love with a chalkbag buddy like Rocky.

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