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 Felix’s Guide to Strength Training

With over 1,000 new waivers being signed for rock climbing every day, climbing’s popularity is booming with a whole new generation of people. Whether you like the adventure of outdoor climbing or the fitness opportunities indoor, climbing offers a great way to stay in shape and have fun.

To avoid injury and to be able to take on new terrain, a good rock climbing strength training like Felix’s regiment is a must.

Rock climbing requires a type of full-body strength that few workouts or exercises can offer. For people who want to avoid back issues later in life, climbing helps by strengthening the entire upper body.

Felix’s strength training routine will help you prepare for unexpectedly tough climbs or getting through that next traverse.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your abilities, try these 5 tips from Felix.

I’m Felix. Admit it, my strong arms immediately caught your attention. No wonder, with those muscles I can do moves.”

1. Hanging Leg Lift

Felix calls this exercise the hanging bag lift. Hanging leg lift is the version for the legged kind.

A hanging leg lift will allow you to build your shoulders, arms, and legs. Begin by holding onto a hangboard or a pull-up bar.

Keep your arms as straight as possible and engage your shoulders by squeezing them together. Start by pointing your legs straight down.

Now attempt to lift your legs straight up to get your hips to a 90-degree angle without bending your knees. Lower your legs as slowly and gently as possible. Using momentum and swinging your legs will keep you from getting the most out of your lifts.

2. Felix’s Forearm Curl

Get a kettlebell for this one. Stand in a sort of staggered stance and pick up your kettlebell with the handle facing away from you.

Squeeze the base tightly. This will help to build your grip on your palms. Press as hard as possible to control the weight of the kettlebell.

Curl up toward your chest fast and then let it down slowly. Use a three-count tempo to keep a good pace.

This will help you to maintain your grip while you reach around for more chalk.

3. One-Legged Lever

Get to the bottom of a pull-up position and extend your arms out. Lean back and then raise your body to a horizontal setup. Keep one leg extended outward and the other leg coming in bent to your chest.

Slowly lower yourself back to the ground. This is where you build your strength.

Switch legs on each rep and remember to keep your hips high.

4. The Swiss Ball Pressup

From a plank position, keep your legs straight and forearms on the swiss ball. Raise your hips up and then lean back on your heels while you press the rest of your body up from your hands.

You want to end up with your palms on the ball but standing.

Roll out to a plank to get your forearms back on the ball.

There are lots of great swiss ball exercises that can be beneficial to climbers.

Rock Climbing Strength Training Fights Injury

Not being prepared will lead you down the road to getting injured. The best way to fight that is to do plenty of strength training in advance. Pushing yourself while your feet are on the ground helps for when you don’t have that luxury.

If you’re looking for more ways to prep for your next big climb, contact us for tips.