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Rock Climbing for Children 7 Ways Climbing Boosts Kids’ Development

From 2006 to 2016, the number of Americans participating in rock climbing increased from 6.31 to 7.7 million. This sport is evidently becoming more and more popular and is a great way to get some challenging fitness in.

If you love climbing, you might want to include your family in this activity. But are you unsure of whether or not your kids should start? Well, here are 7 ways that rock climbing for children boosts their development.

1. It Improves Their Fitness

Rock climbing involves the use of practically all muscles in the body. Regularly doing this activity will strengthen their core, plus their arms and legs. This will help them steer clear of a sedentary lifestyle that’ll make health problems creep up in the future.

2. They’ll Get Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Children are still developing their motor skills, and physical activity can help them hone them. When they go rock climbing, they’ll get better in coordinating movements between their hands, feet, and eyes. The skills they get from rock climbing can make playing other sports easier.

3. It Teaches Them Responsibility

When you go rock climbing, you don’t just go for it; you need to prep. For instance, you need to properly apply climbing chalk and wear the right gear. Letting your kids take care of these things on their own can teach them responsibility.

4. They’ll Be Better at Problem Solving

The beauty of rock climbing is there’s not just one single way to get to the top. Each time you climb, you can take a different path to achieve the same goal. Your kids will get to exercise their brains as well as their muscles every time they go rock climbing.

5. It Increases Their Self-Confidence

Your kids may be scared to tackle the climbing wall at first, but be encouraging in getting them up there. Conquering their fear of heights and learning to climb all the way to the top can be an exhilarating experience. This, in turn, can boost their self-confidence and make them more fearless in life.

6. It’ll Improve Their Communication Skills

When you rock climb, you have to work and communicate with the belayer so you can climb in the best ways possible. This gives your children the chance to become an effective and clear communicator.

7. It Relieves Stress

You may think your children live carefree lives, but the truth is, they’re affected by stress, just like we are. Rock climbing can be a great way for your kids to take a break from real life and blow off some steam. You’ll notice a world of difference after just one session.

Rock Climbing for Children Is Hugely Beneficial

As you can see, rock climbing for children can be a fun family activity that’s beneficial for everyone. Not only can it help you to bond with your kids, but it can also improve their fitness and coordination. So get started on this exciting family activity!

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