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 5 Unique and Personal Gifts Climbing Enthusiasts Are Sure to Love

Rock climbing has finally reached international acclaim

Rock climbing has finally reached international acclaim, becoming one of the newest sports added to the 2020 Olympics. The increasing popularity of the sport means it’s likely you’ve got a rock climber in your midst.

Unique gifts for rock climbers show that you’ve paid attention to your loved one’s hobby. But what should you get your favorite climber for their next birthday or Christmas gift?

We’ve got your back: here’s your ultimate climber’s gift guide.

What Experience Level Is Your Rock Climber?

Before you find the best gift for your rock-climbing friend, it’s a good idea to find out what their experience level is.

Beginner climbers will appreciate basic kit or lessons to improve their skills. A more advanced climber will be more specific about the types of gear they like to use.

Make sure to listen to their climbing conversations, too – you might find out if they need a particular new item or want to take a climbing trip somewhere.

Unique Gifts to Show Your Climbing Friends You Care

One of the best gifts you can give the climber in your life is a road trip to a great climbing location. That’s a really personal and pricey gift though – so if your budget is small, try one of these presents instead to show you care.

A Range of Climbing Chalks

Even the most experienced climber benefits from trying different brands and chalk types now and then.

Pick up some sachets of chalk varieties and a tube of liquid chalk, too. This is the perfect budget gift for any chalk-happy climber!

Hand Lotion for a Climber’s Sore Digits

Rough rocks, tough climbing walls, and lots of chalk make a terrible combination for smooth hands. Broken skin and rough calluses on dry hands become painful and can affect your friend’s enjoyment of their favorite sport.

Give your rock climbing fan a big tub of heavy-duty hand lotion to help them soothe their digits after a long day out in the canyon.

Stylish Climbing-Inspired Jewelry

A gift that lets your friend show the world their passion – even when they’re not on the wall – is a great idea!

Try a rope-styled wristband: they’re unisex, subtle, and adjustable to fit almost any wrist. You can choose a range of colors too, so it’ll suit your climbing fanatic’s personal style.

A Characterful Chalk Bag

A climber can never have too many chalk bags. They’re an essential piece of climbing kit – but they’re usually so boring.

They don’t have to be! From our fuzzy CHARLIE the chalk bag to bright retro JAMIE chalk bag, there’s a style to suit the climbing character you love.

Moisture-Wicking Leggings

Climbing makes you sweat buckets even if you’re experienced. Moisture-wicking leggings and climbing sport tops for ladies keep your climbing lover cool even on the cliff edge.

Pick something bright and funky or a muted color – whatever suits your climber’s style.

Browse Our Store for More Gift Ideas

It’s guaranteed every rock climber will love any of the gifts in this list. But if you’re looking for something a little different – or just need more ideas – we’ve got you covered!

Check out our online store for all the goodies your favorite rock climber desires!