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 How Using a Climbing App Can Up Your Game

Remember your first climb?

The way your muscles burned?

That dizzy feeling when you just hung there for a second, looking at all the space between you and the ground?

One of the most kick-ass things about climbing is feeling yourself improve, blasting through your fear of heights and other obstacles you never thought you’d overcome at all.

There comes a time in most climbers’ careers where that spark of improvement dies down a bit, when we hit a sort of plateau, even though we’re still all decked out and ready for a killer climb.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Check out the ways a climbing app can get you excited again and help you step your skills up to the next level.

1. Logging [Bragging About] Your Climbs

Think back again to that first couple of climbs. Remember how excited you were to tell your roommate what you’ve done, or how you called your mom?

Downloading a logbook app like MyClimb will reconnect you with that awesome excitement you felt about bragging over an excellent session.

MyClimb allows you to share content about your own climbs and achievements. You can also like and comment on friends’ posts. The social aspect of an app like MyClimb serves up the stakes, pushing climbers to achieve the next goal and chance for bragging rights in front of all their buddies.

Plus, holding yourself accountable for keeping a written, electronic record of your best climbs can serve as motivation in itself.

Look, remember what you did last month? Beat that.

2. Expanding Your Community

You love your gym. But sometimes even our favorite places can become a little…blah.

Opening your climbs up to a new climbing app can also mean opening your climbs up to a whole new climbing community.

An app like MyClimb or Vertical Life arms you with features necessary for finding new climbing digs. These apps can set you up with crags, gyms, and even climbing partners.

One of the best ways to challenge yourself is to go beyond your comfort zones. Apps like these set you up for just that.

3. New Workouts to Get You Psyched Again

You know all your favorite climbing routes and workouts by heart, backwards and forwards.


Investing just a little bit of money into an app like FITclimbing might be precisely what you need to freshen things up and start rechallenging yourself.

FITclimbing contains a systematic workout database. It’s got a heart rate tracking system and is totally customizable for setting up training programs that’ll challenge you in killer new ways.

Apps like FITclimbing eliminate the temptation of cutting yourself a break, and the unpredictable demands of the training software won’t go easy on you, either.

With an app like this, there’s really no way not to kick things up a notch.

Climbing App…Check!
Climbing Gears…Check?

We’re psyched to see you excited about stepping up your game with a new climbing app. While you’re at it, you should probably think about stepping up your gear, too!

Don’t forget to take a look at all the excellent climbing gear we’ve got in store for you.

Go, rock freaks, crag clingers, and boulder junkies! Climb on.