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 4 Finger Stretches for Climbers

When you’re in the middle

When you’re in the middle of an intense climb, every detail matters. That includes your finger dexterity.

Every climber has felt the strain that their favorite past-time can have on their hands and fingers. The last thing you want to do is lose your grip. However, keeping your grip all starts long before each climb.

The right finger stretches and exercises will promote blood flow and keep your finger joints strong and flexible. Start with these easy stretches.

1. Finger Lifts

If you’re picturing your fingers doing adorable mini leg lifts, you’re somewhat right.

Begin this stretch by placing your hand flat on a table or other surface. Your fingers should be spread out but in a relaxed way.

One by one, lift each finger by itself off the surface and hold it up for a few seconds. Lay it back down before you lift your next finger.

Repeat this four times on each hand.

2. The Finger Splits

Hold your left hand in front of you with your fingers relaxed but spread apart. Use your right hand to press your extended left thumb inward toward your left palm. While you do this, press the other fingers on your left hand up and away from your palm.

Hold this for two to three seconds before you release and bring your right hand back to its first position. One by one, do the same with each of the other fingers on your left hand.

Complete four repetitions of this stretch on each of your hands.

3. The Fist Extension

For this stretch, start with your hand in a relaxed fist that isn’t too tight. Unfold your thumb and stretch it toward the back of your hand before letting it relax. One by one, do this with each finger on your hand.

At this point, you have an open hand with extended fingers. Next, fold in each finger in the same way you unfolded it.

Complete four reps of this stretch on each hand. As it gets easier, you can make it more difficult by stretching your fingers for longer.

4. Finger Drops

To begin this stretch, place your hands in front of you with your palms together, as if you were praying. The only difference is that your fingers should be separated. If you’re a yogi, this is the same way you would hold your hands in Anjali Mudra.

In other words, hold up each hand as if you’re signaling the number five and then press your hands together.

Drop your pinky fingers by folding them inward toward the opposite hand. Your left pinky should be touching the back of your right hand, for example.

Hold your pinkies here for a few seconds before returning them to their original position. Follow suit with each of your fingers in the same way. Complete four reps of this stretch.

Limbering Up Your Limbs with Finger Stretches

Finger stretches seem minor compared to the preparation of researching your climb and making sure your climbing equipment is in great shape. Regardless, it’s one small detail that will improve your finger dexterity and lead to safer climbs so you can push the envelope further.

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