Miriam Borgstrom

"Happy Global Climbing Day should be every day!"
Climbing Since
Annual Chalk Consumption
50grams per day, makes...erm..
Hardest Route
Monkey Trench V10 in Red Rock, NV

Miriam doesn’t go to public school, doesn’t play a sport that involves a ball, and doesn’t stop with the avocados. Her writing has been published online at Cosmonauts Avenue and E-Ratio, and in print at Dancing Girl Press. She used to have decent posture and normal feet..

Age: 15, but I can look anywhere from 8 to 30 years old

From: Utah born, desert-dwelling

Favourite spot: The moment during a dyno when you’re not holding the launch-hold or grabbing the goal-hold, but right in between, when limbs and trunk are one with the universe.

Favourite gear: Chalk sweet chalk

Success Stories: Managed to not fall off of a log into a river on the way to a boulder.

If not climbing: Eating grapes while reading Shakespeare.

Plans for the future: “…fail better.” (Samuel Beckett)