"Do it like the Buddhist"
Climbing Since
Annual Chalk Consumption
10kg surely
Hardest Route

Also known as Gexi, he’s one of the climbers we admire for his constant, never-ending flow of positivity and energy. You can leave him sleeping for only 3 hours per night without a roof over his head under the blank sky and he’ll be up with a smile and climbing all day with you while cracking jokes. We are very happy to have Gege spread good vibes for 8BPLUS!

Age: not sure actually

From: Bodensee Area / Germany

Favourite spot: Kalymnos / Greece

Favourite gear: My 8BPLUS chalkbag of course, as it reminds me so much of what climbing should be,… FUN

Success Stories:
Managed to ideally combine my work/climb balance last year

If not climbing: There’s for sure a party somewhere

Future plans: Keep improving that work/climb ratio 😉