Gabe McKenzie

"Life looks different when you look at it from an overhang perspective, 20 meters up the wall with a tiny food hold and a crimpy 2-finger edge."
Climbing Since
Annual Chalk Consumption
A pound a month (including the “I forgot my chalk bag” friend tax)
Hardest Route
Cinderella is Dead v12/13

Gabe found more in climbing than just joy. The focus and exposure in climbing helps to put other issues you are struggling with into the right perspective.

Age: 23

From: Baltimore, Maryland

Favourite spot: Joe’s Valley, Utah

Favourite gear: 8BPLUS Crushed Chalk

Success Stories: Climbing has helped me get through some of my biggest struggles.  Helping people find climbing as both a passion and a tool for growth has been very rewarding. I starting a climbing team at my high school back in 2012 and by my high school graduation I had watched the team grow to become the biggest sports team at my high school.

If not climbing: I am outside exploring the mountains surrounding SLC with some homies, planning for a trip, or saving up for grad school.

Plans for the future: To keep training and pushing my own limits in climbing while working towards becoming a mental health therapist.