Why a Rock Climbing Workout Is a Fitness Trend You Need to Know for 2019

Is regular gym just too boring for you? Do you want to know about the hottest fitness trend in 2019?

Everyone is getting into the new workout fad that provides more than calorie-burning potential. Rock climbing has a sense of adventure and adrenaline that makes each session enjoyable. What’s more, an hour of rock climbing workout will make you burn over 500 calories.

If you read on, we will let you in on the hottest fitness trend this year.

Rock Climbing to Work the Muscles

Rock climbing is gaining popularity as a workout because of how good it is at working the important muscles.

In a rock climbing session, the torso and hip muscles work to hold the lower half of the body firmly against the wall. The calves and thighs will burn due to the sheer effort needed to maintain balance. When the rock climber holds on to a grip with the hands, the climber actively shifts the muscles used to maintain balance and support.

A good exercise will engage the muscles, from the quads to the heart, by causing them to perform work.

Is rock climbing a good workout? Well, no other exercise is good at engaging a higher number of muscles than rock climbing. This makes rock climbing the best way to lose weight as well as tone muscles for a good beach body.

All Rock Climbing Workout Sessions are Different

With regular gym equipment, a fitness enthusiast always knows what to expect. There is a little variation in the exercises. This can get very boring making it hard to go to the gym because it is just not interesting. However, rock-climbing workouts in a gym are endlessly variable.

There are many ways to climb to the top in a climbing session. The variation means that every climbing session will need different movements of the rock climbing muscles. Instead of endless repetitive motions, the body works different muscles during different climbs. The variety means that rock climbing an interesting workout too.

Burning Calories

The most important thing that fitness enthusiasts care about is burning calories. When it comes to rock climbing workout, there is plenty of good news in that regard. Even when not exerting maximum effort, one can burn more calories than an intense spin session.

The benefits of a rock-climbing workout go far beyond burning calories. One must engage higher levels of the brain to muscle coordination. As such, a rock climbing workout actively engages the brain and boosts brain health. Researchers have demonstrated that workouts that involve coordination and balance do boost memory.

Do it for Your Body

With all the identified benefits of a rock climbing workout, you should get with the fad.  The body will not only lose weight and exercise multiple muscles but the workout also boosts brain health. Find an indoor climbing gym in your area, or get geared up for a day and take advantage of 2019’s popular fitness trend: a rock climbing workout.

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