How to Choose the Right Climbing Gear for Kids

How to Choose the Right Climbing Gear for Kids
How to Choose the Right Climbing Gear for Kids

Have you ever noticed parents refer to their kids as “little monkeys?”

It’s a common way of describing how kids can be naughty and playful as they climb and topple over things left and right.

But instead of teaching kids not to climb, why not encourage them to start kids rock climbing? This activity is a great way to teach them about fitness, strength, and adventure!

To get started, they’ll need some climbing gear for kids. Keep reading to learn how to find your kids the right climbing gear.

Climbing Shoes

At first, your child can rent climbing shoes from an indoor gym when they go climbing, and very young children can use their regular shoes. 

If they start loving the sport, you’ll want to invest in climbing shoes as soon as they fit into kids sizing. The most important thing to consider is comfort.

Kids don’t have the same control in their footwork as adults, so having a snug fit is not essential. They will hurt if the shoes are too snug, and climbing won’t be fun.

Kids’ feet grow quickly, so it’s better if the shoes are too big than too small. If the shoes are a bit big, your child can wear thin socks to fill more space. That also helps the shoes last longer before they grow out of them.

Your child should always be able to wiggle their toes in the shoes, but sideways movement should be restricted.

Climbing Harness

Even at the beginning stage, it’s a good idea to have your child get used to wearing a harness. It allows them to learn some of the essential rock climbing techniques for kids, such as:

  • Hanging
  • Conducting safety checks
  • Experimenting with heights 

Small children need a full-body harness instead of a waist harness because they have different body and weight proportions. So, if you want the best climbing gear for your kids, invest in a sturdy harness.

Climbing Helmet

Protective headgear is crucial for kids, especially when climbing outdoors. Bicycle helmets are not certified for climbing, so you need to find a specific climbing helmet.

But finding a helmet small enough to fit their head correctly can be challenging. Fortunately, several brands make climbing helmets specifically for children. Look for one that is lightweight, has good ventilation, and has removable foam pads for easy washing.

Chalk Bags

A child-sized chalk bag is the last piece of equipment your child needs. These bags have a smaller opening for little hands that won’t suit adults.

This way, it’s easy for kids to access their climbing chalk as they go through each course. Most chalk bags (such as all 8BPLUS chalk bags) also feature brush holders to carry your a climbing brush with you to clean climbing holds and keep them neat and tidy.. 

You can find many cool chalk bags, ensuring one will mesh with your kid’s style.

Ready to Buy Climbing Gear for Your Kids?

Using this quick guide, you can buy excellent climbing gear for your kids and watch them as they explore this sport.

Check out our gear to get started with your purchases.