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Top 7 Must Follow Climbing Accounts on Instagram

Are you tired of seeing everyone under the sun getting engaged and having babies? It’s time to spice up your Instagram feed properly. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh, educational training content, or pure climbing inspiration, Instagram is the place to go! Here are the top must-follow climbing accounts on Instagram to give you a little bit of everything.


Lattice training is a famous training company. They are known for their remote coaching programs with some seriously top-notch coaches. They offer anything from a downloadable PDF training plan to one-on-one coaching with one of their crusher coaches. On their Instagram page, they post daily training tips and videos. It’s an excellent resource for some free training knowledge. They share extensive information, including how to warm up properly, how you should feel after your power endurance bouldering workout, skincare tips, and even some mental training advice. There’s so much to learn if you follow Lattice Training!


On the opposite end of the spectrum, compared to Lattice Training’s extremely educational Instagram content, Bomber Climbing Memes will make you laugh and appreciate the climbing community’s sense of humor. And it’s true if you send climbing memes to your climbing partners, your belay-tionship will inevitably grow stronger.


There are a lot of professional climbers with inspiring and exciting Instagram pages, but Sasha Digiulian’s page is arguably the best. She is one of the most well-known female professional climbers out there because she was a successful competition climber in years past. She is now a dedicated steward of crags worldwide and advocates for the female climbing community while continuing to crush some of the world’s most challenging climbing. She posts a lot of content, so there’s always something new to see on her page. It usually consists of inspiring videos, sick photos from her most recent climbing trip, or training content. But sometimes, she will post about trying a new hobby and being bad at it or celebrating one of her family members’ birthdays. This kind of content makes her seem like a real person, rather than just a make-believe climbing goddess, and suddenly she becomes so much more relatable and loveable.


Louder Than 11 is a film and photography company that centers its work around climbing adventures around the world. Founder Jon Glassberg (@jonglassberg) photographs the best and baddest climbers crushing some outdoor rock, as well as for the IFSC World Cup events. Following this account will treat your feed to some incredible photography and hopefully inspire you to climb hard, just like all the pros on their page.


Training Beta is similar to Lattice Training, except it is a smaller company. They offer training programs, remote climbing coaching, and nutrition advice. The most crucial aspect to take advantage of through Training Beta is their podcasts. Climber and coach Neely Quinn interviews professional climbers and coaches to discuss various training topics. Along with posting about training and nutrition tips, they also promote every new podcast that comes out, with a brief description of the conversation and issue. This way, you can stay up to date on their unique content and pick and choose what topics you want to learn about through their Instagram page!


Access Fund is a nonprofit organization that advocates for and assists with conserving our precious outdoor climbing spaces. As climbing becomes increasingly popular, leading to increased number of climbers at the world’s most famous crags, every climber needs to learn proper conservation strategies for their outdoor climbing adventures. Following Access Fund is the best way to get involved with the climbing community. There’s a lot you can do to help!

Your Local Climbing Gym(s)

Lastly, if you don’t already follow your local climbing gym’s Instagram account, do that now! Instagram strengthens an existing local community by posting gym updates, upcoming events, and fun content. It’s a great space to engage with your local climbing community and form belay-tionships.