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 Rock Stars: 5 Famous Climbers to Learn From

The thrill of rock climbing is all about reaching new heights and discovering your real strength.

This sport is not for the faint of heart. It’s one that tests you, again and again, to show you what you’re made of.

But, it’s all worth it!

Just think of all the famous rock climbers that have reached incredible heights. They all started somewhere similar to the position you’re in now.

Even if you’re not trying to break world records or free climb a huge ascent, these are the people you should look up to while you’re training.

Here are 5 of the best climbers in the world to look to for inspiration:

1. John Long

John Long has 42 rock climbing titles in his name, has authored multiple rock climbing books, and even wrote a rock climbing movie in which Sylvester Stallone was the star.

He knows a thing or two about the sport.

Long emerged in the 80s as a famous climber, but he had been taking on steep climbs long before that. He found his passion for scaling up and down terrains at a young age and helped create a rock climbing group with fellow soon-to-be famous athletes.

2. Jacques Nosley

Typically, rock climbers use bolts and ropes to secure their path on the way up an ascent. In 1978, though, Jacques Nosley changes the game when he put bolts into a gorge on the way down from his climb.

Then, he climbed the route again with just the bolts!

3. Jeff Lowe

Nosley’s bold move helped set the stage for free climbing as we know it today.

But, Jeff Lowe takes the credit for mixed climbing. He completed an ice climb in Vail, Colorado using a combination of ice tools and traditional climbing gear. The technique sparked inspiration for similar routes all around the world.

Lowe also paved the way for climbing sandstone walls.

4. Alex Honnold

There are rock climbing legends, and then there are free climbing legends. Alex Honnold is arguably the most well-known of the latter.

This incredible young American climber has scaled some of the most dangerous climbs in the world using just his body as gear. He goes up with no ropes or hooks or harnesses and comes down the same way.

Every single climb of his is indeed a fantastic accomplishment.

5. Catherine Destivelle

Although Alex Honnold is pretty impressive for his age and his courage, Catherine Destivelle set the stage for what free climbing is today. She’s been going up and down climbs on her own since the 1980s.

She won her first competition in 1985 and has gone on to be an advocate for climbing safety and best practices. She’s a force of nature with an impressive climbing record.

Follow the Path of Famous Rock Climbers

Do you dream of seeing your name among those of famous rock climbers one day? Would you love to accomplish some of the climbs these people created?

You have to get to work!

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