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 How to Find Your Partner-In-Climb

Rock climbing is fun on its own, but it’s even more fun if you join up with a partner. For some people, this is easier said than done. Social anxiety is a struggle.

There are a few ways to take the stress off and break the ice. For example, bring some snacks to pass around, or introduce yourself in a friendly manner. Most people won’t mind if you’re nervous in your speech as long as you’re not rude.

We’re going to go over more ways for you to find a climbing partner so you can fully enjoy your day on the wall.

1. Frequent the Gym

To find your fellow climbers, you have to go where they are. The gym is going to be your best bet for this. So, hit up your gym’s wall climbing program and try to get to know the people that frequent there.

Once you start to get to know them, then subtly let them know that you’re looking for a partner to climb with.

2. Bring Your Own Gear

You don’t want to approach the group by asking them if you can borrow a rope or other gear. This will give off the impression that you’re a freeloader and it’s not very professional.

You want to show them that you’re just as passionate as they are and the best way to do that is by showing up prepared with your gear.

3. Don’t Be a Grouch

Wall climbing is supposed to be fun. You don’t want to bring everyone’s mood down by being a grouch. It will also be tough to find someone willing to talk with you if you’re rude, let alone climb with you.

Show everyone that you’re excited to be there and let them know that you can be friendly. You’ll make way more friends that way, and it will be easier to find a group or partner.

4. Show that You’re Safe

As fun as wall climbing is, there is also a danger to it. Anyone who partners up with you is going to want to make sure that you’re safe to climb with.

Don’t get offended if they want to check your knots and gear behind you. It’s not that they don’t trust you, it’s just they want to be safe. Just let them do what they need to do.

5. Bring Gifts

To show your partner a little gratitude give them a gift. You could offer to buy a round of drinks after the climb or bring snacks along.

Your climbing partner will appreciate it and will probably be willing to partner up with you again. It’s also a kind gesture.

Your Guide to Finding a Climbing Partner

Rock climbing is fun, but its way more fun if you find a great climbing partner to share the experience with. Socializing can be hard, but if you break the ice with friendly conversation and show them how passionate you are, you’re sure to find someone.