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How Choosing the Right Climbing Chalk Bags Improve Your Performance

There’s nothing quite like sticking a climbing move; every muscle strained and focused on one aim. The world seems to make sense. But with such a specific aim, there’s nothing more frustrating than having something small get in the way.

There you are, on the side of the wall, adrenaline pumping, ready to send it. You reach for your climbing chalk bag, and oh no, it’s spilling everywhere. Distraction takes over, you lose your footing and off you go, swinging like a sad little monkey, or plummeting back to the mat.

Don’t shoot yourself in your climbing feet or hands. Make sure your performance isn’t compromised by something silly like the type of climbing chalk bags you use.

Types of Climbing Chalk Bags Vary for the Type of Climb

Chalk bags are ideal for longer climbs. Cylindrical bags with a stiffened rim allow you to easily reapply as you go without the hassle of flimsiness.

  • Small bags – Small bags are for people with smaller hands as well as for people who don’t want to apply as much chalk to their fingers.
  • Standard bags – Probably the best bet if you’re just getting into climbing.  They are better than small bags for controlling the amount of chalk that you use.

Chalk buckets are ideal bouldering tools. You don’t want extra gear hindering you on the boulder if you can just as easily come back to the base to apply.

Tapered bags are ideal for sport-routes. Again, when you’re contorting your body, you want to limit the amount of gear in the way.

As with most climbing gear, the best chalk bag depends on the type of climb. Choose wisely, as the type of bag will affect both the performance and safety of your climb.

Accessorize Your Climbing Bag for Performance

The accessories of your climbing bag are a matter of practicality and preference.

For some, a cylindrical bag remaining open eliminates the distraction of having to open and close the bag on a long climb. For others, they may like the peace of mind knowing they aren’t spilling all over the place.

Fleece lining in a bag helps evenly distribute the chalk on your hands. This is crucial to some’s performance, to others, not so much.

Some like long belts that they can maneuver. Others like things in one place.

It may seem like these accessories are luxuries but when it comes to climbing, focus is imperative and attention to detail is king. Never cheat yourself out of a good climb.

The Type of Bag You Sport Affects Your Climb

Chalk is a climber’s best friend.

You may scoff at the importance of your climbing chalk bags, but remember, chalk is a tool that can either help or hinder you. In many cases, it’s the difference between success and failure.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to climbing, or you’ve been climbing for years. You climb for success. How silly would it be to fail because of your chalk bag?

You’re a climber, and you care about the details. Get them right, and you’ll rock it! After you’ve settled on the type of bag/bucket you want, it’s time to personalize. Check out these awesome designs!