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 Get Kids Outside

It is most probably common knowledge that many children and adolescents today have skipped their childhood altogether. Rather than playing in babbling brooks, climbing trees, jumping in muddy puddles, or doing any of the many things children used to do for fun back in the day, they now go directly to being middle-aged, outdoor-evading couch potatoes.

Kids these days seem to want to spend every possible moment of their free time in front of video games and Netflix shows. Don’t get us wrong, we understand the value of a restful night at home with some high-quality TV, however, the current generation of toddlers, children, pre-teens, and teens have taken it a bit too far.

That is why we encourage you to push your child out the front door, find the nearest pile of rocks, and cover your kid head-to-foot in climbing chalk. The fate of the world depends on you. It is of utmost importance that you follow our suggestion, and get your children out the front door to face the challenges of the outdoors.

It’s imperative that you rip their gaming consoles from their delicate, underused hands, and make them climb something—rocks, trees, ladders, etc.—anything!

When today’s generation is aged and decrepit, pondering their life, what adventures will they recall? Virtual ones?! This should not be the life we want for our children. Only through experience will children learn to be strong, and grow up to appreciate things in life that are not projected at them via their digital screens. It is up to us, as the adults of the world, to instill a spirit of adventure in every kid we know.

Any outdoor adventure will do. But as climbers, we argue that kids should, well, rock climb.

Here are our reasons:

The Current Generation is Fragile

It’s an unappealing fact, but a fact nonetheless. Playing video games, scrolling through social media pages, and lifting the remote to change TV channels do not equate to physical activity. The high prevalence of childhood obesity and diabetes is concerning.

Rather than let the next generation become prematurely plagued by chronic diseases, we guarantee climbing will nurture plenty of habits in your children that will keep them physically fit and healthy.

Kids Should Know Fear

Kids (and adults) love to be afraid. That’s why roller coasters and scary movies are incredibly popular. But climbing, unlike those other things, provides a venue for children to learn to work through and deal with their fears and anxieties by learning to overcome challenges through problem-solving and developing coping skills.

We’re not arguing that climbing is the answer to all the ills and stresses of the world, but exposing kids to uncomfortable situations and environments at a young age can pay off dividends during their adulthood.

Climbing is Fun

We know that we don’t need to live in trees, but it does seem that kids seem to have tons of fun climbing things, hanging off of things and getting dirty.

Kids should be allowed a good dose of horse-playing and monkeying around. They should be allowed to have a lot of fun. The kind that isn’t manufactured, predictable, or controlled like amusement parks or virtual reality experiences. In the outdoors, the adventure is real, unplanned and unpredictable. That’s the great kind of fun.

Appreciation for the Environment

Teaching kids to love outdoor activities helps kids appreciate their new and expansive playground—the greater big outdoors. When kids and teenagers spend time in nature, they will not take it for granted.

Climbing is accompanied by an entirely new understanding of conservation. When one of your favorite sports is reliant on protecting public lands, we suddenly become much more invested in environmentalclean up and preservation efforts. Many climbers learn early to be responsible citizens of the world.

Stronger Bones

Childhood is a critical window of social, mental and physical development, and engaging activities throughout childhood is an essential element of growing into a well-rounded adult. Social and mental facets hinges mainly of human interaction but physical health takes a little more effort.

The best example of this is the development of the skeletal system. Yes, having a diet rich in calciumis a critical aspect of bone growth, but it’s important to remember that weight-bearing activities such as running, climbing, and weight lifting are equally crucial for osteogenesis.

Kids who are not sedentary during their developmental years are less likely to suffer from osteoporosis (brittle bones) and other chronic diseases.

You Get One Shot at Childhood

Climbers spend a majority of their life covered in dirt. Unfortunately, childhood is pretty much the only time in our lives that it is socially acceptable to be constantly filthy. These days, many kids don’t take advantage of this awesome opportunity and instead stay perfectly clean as they engage by staying indoors.

Childhood should be spent experiencing the real world for what it is—amazing! Most people will spend most of their whole adult lives to working office jobs and wasting away behind electronics. Childhood and teenage years should be for indulging in exploration and curiosity. So get your kids outside now to climb a mountain or to go on an adventure. They depend on you for their future. Even if they’re hesitant to leave behind the safety and comfort of the indoors in the beginning, they’ll appreciate it after they realize how much they have been missing.

The time is now. They are only kids once.