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Freddy’s Top 8 Accessories

More people than ever are learning that climbing, especially indoor climbing, is a fun way to stayin shape. If you’re looking to join in, BRUNO has a list of accessories that climbers like you may need.

There is a lot of gear out there, and it can be difficult to know what you need. You’ll need more than just the right shoes and some chalk and a detail-oriented buddy like Freddy.

Read on for Freddy’s top 8 rock climbing accessories that will get you more confident when climbing!

High-Performance Climbing Shoes

It might seem obvious, but you’ll need some good shoes. You don’t want to jump on the wall wearing those old Converse.

What you’re looking for is a down-turned shoe made for climbing. The shape will help you utilize toeholds, and they’ll provide a grip that will help you stay stable.

The Right Rope

You’ll need a good rope. What makes a good rope? One word: weight.

Weight is something to consider for all your gear. You don’t want anything weighing you down unnecessarily.

Something to look for is a 9.5mm or 9.6mm diameter rope. It will be lighter than larger diameter ropes, but still strong enough to withstand a fall or two. The lightness will also make it easy to handle.

Chalkbag (i.e. Freddy) and Chalk

Chalk is essential to having a good climbing experience.

The chalk will help remove moisture from your hands, making it easier to keep your grip.

Chalkbags are pretty basic but look for one that can attach to your waist and has a drawcord to prevent your chalk from falling out. Freddy is definitely sure he can do the job.

Sport Harness

It’s important to get a harness that’s right for you. There are all sorts of harnesses for different climbers.

In general though, think minimal. A few gear loops, lightweight. You don’t want something complicated weighing you down.


Some climbers think helmets are bulky and unnecessary, but there are actually a lot of lightweight options out there now.

Keep your head safe and invest in a helmet.

Crash Pad

our gym probably already has mats to keep everything safe, but consider supplementing that with your own crash pad.

Even if you’re not using it to prevent injury, using an extra pad just for landing can prevent the wear on your body that repeated impacts can cause.


You’ll want a quick draw for every bolt onyour route. Quickdraws usually come in shorter or longer varieties. Shorter ones are generally better for more straightforward routes, while longer ones are for more complicated ones.

As with other equipment, you’ll want to emphasize lightness. Go for shorter draws if you think your route is suited for it.

Belay Glasses

A good pair of belay glasses will prevent your neck from getting strained from belaying all day.

You might think they’re not completely necessary, but they will significantly reduce soreness on your neck.

With This Rock Climbing Equipment List…

You’ll be able to have a great, safe time climbing. Everyone seems to be figuring out how much fun climbing is, and you’ll be one of those people.

It might seem like a lot up front, but once you’re climbing, you’ll be glad you made the investment. There’s no other way to get a full-body workout that is so enjoyable.

If you have any other questions about what you might need, please contact us with your questions!