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 Bobo’s Essentials to Pack for the First Climb

For FELIX the chalk bag, there are few things more satisfying than a successful send during a beautiful day’s climb. Your blood is flowing, and you can relish the breeze as a reward for your hard work.

Not only is climbing good for your body, but it’s also beneficial for your mental health! So get on out there with and reap these benefits.

But Bobo wants to make sure that you go in prepared. Your first climb can turn from an enjoyable journey to a dangerous experience without the proper precautions.

Keep reading to learn about Bobo’s four essentials that you won’t want to forget to bring rock climbing.

Let’s get started!

1. The Correct Footwear

Using the wrong or ill-fitting footwear during your first climb could mean that it will be your last. This footwear could lead to, at least, discomfort and pain, and, at most— severe injury.

Visit your local outdoor gear shop and speak with a professional to find the correct footwear that will fit you and your climb perfectly. And don’t forget to break these shoes in before the day of your climb comes to avoid pesky blisters.

2. Food and Water

The last thing you want on your first climb is to realize that you forgot fuel. We’re talking food and water!

To keep your body strong to complete any challenges that come your way, be sure to bring plenty of these supplies in your pack. It can’t hurt to also bring a compact water filtration device as an added precaution for longer climbs.

3. Don’t Forget Safety Gear (Bobo insists on this!)

Consider all the details of your first climb before you set off. Will you be scaling rock faces? Traversing some wet areas?

Whatever your first outdoor climb involves, make sure that you bring the right gear. Do your research and pick up everything you need.

4. Sun Protection

When you’re on your first outdoor climb, you may be surprised at how strong the sun’s rays feel. Be sure to bring the essentials that will protect you from this direct exposure.

Sunglasses and sunscreen will do the trick. Be sure to reapply sunscreen every two hours for optimal efficacy.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, an outdoor climb can be dangerous without the proper essentials. But as long as you are diligent about these preparations, you’ll be enjoying your first climb worry-free.

Remember to pack lots of food and water, sun protection, the proper gear, and the correct footwear! With these essentials, you’ll feel like a pro climber.

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