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Proper Rock Gym Etiquette

Since the first one opened in Seattle in the 80s, indoor rock gyms have been climbing in popularity. It’s easy to see why.

Indoor rock climbing is adventurous yet very safe. So safe that only 30 accidents have happened over five years.

It’s challenging, fun, and engages both your brain and your body. It’s no wonder it ranks among the top 10 sports for people who want to try something new and different.

Much like a regular gym, your local indoor rock climbing facility has gym etiquette you need to follow. Don’t look like a clueless newbie and make any rookie mistakes on the wall gym. Follow our guide to look like you belong!

Guide to Climbing Gym Etiquette

Before the Climb

Indoor rock walls are different from regular gyms in that you need to check in. They’ll probably have you sign a waiver, too.

Don’t bring a lot of unnecessary stuff into the climbing area. This includes food, water, and jewelry. Remove your accessories so that they don’t accidentally fall and injure someone.

Like any other workout, it’s essential to stretch.

Wear The Right Gear

Make sure you’ve got shoes on, but nothing with open toes or hard capped boots. Wear clothing that’s comfortable to move in but nothing too loose.

A gym etiquette rule to always follow no matter what? Always wear a shirt! It might feel great to go topless when you’re scaling an actual rock but indoors, keep it covered.

Keep An Eye Out For What’s Going On Around You

You want to get into a zen-like state of focus when you’re climbing a wall gym, and that’s fine. You need to be sure to notice what’s going on around you.

Rock climbing involves multi-directional focus. People will be to your sides, above you, and below you. It’s only proper gym etiquette that you don’t hold up anyone below you get hurt by anyone above you.

Keep The Noise To A Minimum

Ever go to the weight room, and there’s some guy in there doing multiple reps with an armload of iron making tons of loud grunts? It’s kind of weird and makes you uncomfortable.

That piece of gym etiquette carries over into the indoor rock wall. Sometimes you’ll get frustrated or tackle something difficult and grunt. That’s OK, keep it to a minimum.

Be Responsible With Your Chalk

Chalk can be a deeply personal thing for climbers. Some people like it fine and silky, others like a little more grit.

No matter what kind of chalk you take with you, make sure you don’t make a mess. Don’t leave it all over the wall or send showers of powder raining down below you.

Master Indoor Climbing Gym Etiquette

With these gym etiquette tips, you’re ready to hit the rock wall without looking like a clueless beginner.

Want to look even more confident? Rentals are convenient but having your gear is best.

You’ll love indoor rock climbing once you try it. Grab the best accessories on the market from our shop and rock your wall climb!