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Best Rock Climbing Chalk

Picture yourself at the gym climbing a wall, or outdoors climbing a crag. You find a great hold, and you reach out. You’re feeling the rush of climbing, but unfortunately, your sweaty palms are too, and your hand slips.

All you needed was a little climbing chalk to get that hold.

If you’re new to rock climbing, did you know that there are several different types of rock climbing chalk? Not sure which type of chalk to buy? Read on for five tips for choosing the best rock climbing chalk.

Chalk Tricks

1. Why Use Rock Climbing Chalk?

Our bodies naturally produce sweat to cool off either from being physically overheated or if our nerves are overstimulated. Our hands get especially sweaty when we’re in high-stress situations. Being several feet above the ground counts as a stressful situation!

Rock climbing chalk is made out of magnesium carbonate and can wick away the moisture and help keep your hands dry.

2. Know the Different Types of Chalk

Rock climbing chalk comes in different forms:

● Chalk Block

Chalk can come in block form and is made out of pure magnesium carbonate. You can break pieces off and crush it to your desired consistency. Blocks make less mess than the other types of chalk, and you don’t need to carry around the whole thing.

● Crushed Chalk

This option is similar to block chalk but comes in pre-broken up chunks.

● Powdered Chalk

Powdered or loose chalk is already crushed up and can have added drying agents. Powdered chalk is more pricey than block form and can be messy if spilled.

● Liquid Chalk

Liquid chalk is magnesium carbonate with alcohol. When you apply it, the alcohol instantly dries, and your hands are coated with the chalk.

Liquid chalk can be applied quickly and lasts long. It also leaves less visible marks on the climbing wall.

3. Get a Chalk Bag

A chalk bag is a special bag that you keep your chalk in. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and with different features depending on your preferences.

4. Choose Your Application Method

You can use your chalk bag to apply chalk. You dip your hands in the container and coat your hands as needed.

You can also apply your chalk with a chalk ball. A chalk ball is a ball made out of porous fabric and filled with powdered chalk. You place it in your chalk bag and use it to apply chalk on your hands.

Chalk balls are less messy, but they can make it difficult to apply the chalk evenly.

5. Remember That a Little Goes a Long Way

Rock climbing chalk does not have special powers that will transform you into the world’s best climber. You don’t need several layers of it. Remember that a little goes a long way in keeping your hands dry and ready to climb.

Get Ready to Climb

Rock climbing chalk is an integral part of your climbing gear. It can help you keep a firm grip in the middle of a climb.

Once you’ve decided on the best type of chalk, your next step is to get some quality rock climbing chalk. Check out our products.