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 5 Things You Need Before Going Indoor Rock Climbing

In today’s day and age, indoor climbing gyms are a dime a dozen with the exponential rise in popularity of indoor rock climbing.

It’s a great workout if you enjoy practicing with a workout buddy and want to build agility and upper body strength.

It’s a simple workout, but one that tests stamina, strength and your ability to take calculated risks!

While most indoor climbing gyms offer basic rentals, here are a few essentials to invest in if you plan on making rock climbing a regular hobby.

Kit Yourself Out for Indoor Rock Climbing

The rock climbing section at your local outdoor retailer may appear intimidating with its endless selection of gear. But never fear, you only need these simple staples to start:

1. Comfortable Clothing

Ideally, you need to invest in some comfortable workout clothing that allows you full mobility, i.e., you need to be able to stretch!

For ladies, invest in gym tights that are comfortable, breathable and allow you to be agile. Avoid clothes which are loose or baggy as they tend to snag on rocks and other gear.

For men, invest in breathable workout shorts that have a little give, but aren’t too baggy either. Ensure they allow for full mobility and will withstand abrasion from textured surfaces.

2. Climbing Shoes

As a newbie to rock wall climbing or even if you’re a seasoned pro, climbing shoes will make or break for your climbing experience.

Climbing shoes are specifically designed for adhering to a vertical climbing wall, so it’s natural that the way they are made reflects this.

When buying climbing shoes, prioritize both comfort and fit. If your feet hurt when trying them on, they’re not the right size.Keep in mind that it’s very common for women to wear men’s shoes and vice versa -go with what is most comfortable!

Finally, avoid spending too much on your first pair of shoes. As a beginner, you may go through your first few pairs of shoes quite quickly.

3. A Climbing Harness

If you plan on mastering top rope climbing, a climbing harness will be necessary. Essentially, this harness ties you into the rope and keeps you safe on high climbs.

Look for an all-around padded harness which can be used at both the indoor climbing gym and in outdoor climbing environments.

For extra safety, look for a harness with speed buckles which ensures you don’t need to double back or adjust them after each movement.

4. A Belay Device

For top rope climbing, you will need to belay with a climbing buddy. This is a precaution which safely raises and lowers the climber up and down a rock or climbing wall space.

Primarily, a belay device applies friction to the rope, allowing your belay buddy to control the speed that the rope travels as you climb.

While most indoor climbing gyms offer an auto-belay section, there are still many sections which require belay partners and belay tests!

5. Chalk and Chalk Bag

Climbing chalk is extremely important for your climbing experience—whether it’s at an indoor climbing gym or outdoors.

Chalk keeps your hands dry, sweat-free and improves your grip on holds throughout your climb.

It is available in some forms: basic loose chalk, block chalk, eco chalk, and liquid chalk. Beginners are best off starting with basic loose chalk.

Your chalk also needs somewhere to sit as your climb that is easy to access. This is where chalk bags come in.

They are usually small, lightweight and attach to the back of your climbing harness for convenient access.

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