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5 Memorable Gifts for Climbers Your Should Definitely Buy

Are you looking for gift ideas for the climber in your family or friend group?

Each year, more than 9 million Americans participate in rock climbing! It is an activity that has increased in popularity over the past decade as people become more interested in staying fit and active.

But in order to have the most enjoyable rock climbing experience, a rock climber needs the right equipment!

Read on to learn about 5 memorable gifts for climbers that you should buy!

1. Climbing Chalk

One of the most useful gift ideas for the climber in your life is climbing chalk.

That’s because this is used each time that a climber is on a mountain or climbing wall. It is also crucial to the safety of a person who is climbing up a large rock or other boulders.

But what makes climbing chalk so important?

When you participate in physical activity, your sweat glands release moisture. This is particularly problematic for a climber, as sweat glands in their hands can decrease their ability to grip.

Climbing chalk enables a climber to maintain the dryness of their hands, even as they make their way up a mountain.

If your climber already has enough chalk, consider buying him or her a chalk bag to store it!

2. Skin Products

Whether you are making a rock climbing gift basket or buying a stocking stuffer, skin products are a great idea!

Someone that climbs rocks regularly can be at risk of having the skin peel on their hands. Peeling skin can be painful but can also be unsightly, too.

Skin products like repair balm and skin creme can keep a climber’s hands moisturized while also keeping them comfortable.

3. Climbing Books

Climbing books are a great gift idea for a friend or loved one because they can be used to share inspiring stories or tips about how to improve as a climber.

One of the best books to help a rock climber mentally is “The Rock Warrior’s Way: Mental Training for Climbers.” This book helps beginners and veterans navigate the mental side of climbing.

Besides being a useful book to read, it can also help a climber handle pressure and stress they face in their own life away from the mountain.

4. Training Equipment

Training equipment is one of the top climbing gift ideas because it is a good way to encourage a climber to keep improving.

A climber’s training regimen is important because rock climbing is a physically demanding activity. Besides having good stamina and endurance, a climber needs to be lean and strong.

One of the best pieces of training equipment is a door pull-up bar. These can be installed in the opening of a doorway and used by a climber to do sets of pull-ups. With regular use over time, this will help strengthen a climber’s upper body.

5. Memberships

Climbing memberships are a useful gift idea because they will introduce your friend or family member to other like-minded people.

This can be an even better gift for someone who has moved to a new city. Besides helping connect them to new people, it will also give them insight into some of the best places to climb in their new area.

A membership to a climbing club or gym can be a great gift to combine with one of the others on this list!

Wrapping Up: The Best Gifts For Climbers

The best gifts for climbers depend on the individual and what they need or want.

Before you buy a gift for the climber in your life, take time to consider where they are in the sport.

Are they just starting out or have they been rock climbing for years now? The answer to this question will help you determine the best gift to give him or her!

Does your rock climber already have the gifts on this list? If so, check out our 8BPLUS rock climbing apparel collection called ROCKWEAR!