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4 Tips for Improving Your Indoor Bouldering Performance

Indoor rock climbing has seen an unprecedented boom in popularity in recent years. It’s not only a fun pastime to do with friends or solo, but it’s also a great workout. That’s a hard combination to beat.

If you’re one of the millions of people who have recently gotten interested in this awesome sport, you might be wondering how to improve your skills on the wall. This list is here to help.

Don’t get left at the bottom while your friends are scaling the wall like pros. Here are 4 tips to bring your indoor bouldering performance to the next level.

1. Don’t Skip the Warmup

This applies to pretty much every physical activity or exercise you can think of, but it applies doubly for rock climbing. After all, indoor bouldering uses about every muscle group you have, so being ready for the climb is crucial.

The best way to know you’re warm is to sweat, so plan on getting sweaty. Whether you’re doing some jogging, jumping jacks, or some light climbing to warm up, don’t stop until you see that perspiration.

One way to make sure you’re getting plenty warm is to wear a jacket during your warmups. Do this even in the summertime. The goal is to get your muscles warm and your heart rate up, and adding an extra layer is a great way to do that.

2. Stay on the Wall

Simply put, the best way to improve your climbing is to do it. Doing core exercises, pullups, finger strength training, and other workouts are great ways to prep your body for climbing, but nothing beats hitting the wall.

Rock climbing uses many specialized motions and techniques. Building that muscle memory will get your body used to doing what it needs to. Spend as much time as possible on the wall during every single session.

3. Don’t Skip Grades

Rock climbing is a skill you need to build incrementally. It feels awesome to reach a new goal, which might push you to overachieve. Don’t succumb to that urge.

Instead, focus on building a solid foundation. The best way to improve is to move steadily forward instead of taking leaps. This is a skill that will develop naturally the more you do it.

Stay consistent and don’t get cocky. Building those rudiments step by step will pay off.

4. Use Momentum

Strength is a huge part of indoor bouldering, but momentum is just as important. No matter how strong you are, your arms and legs will get tired. That’s where momentum comes in.

Like in dancing, climbing is all in the hips. Try to push your hips up and towards the wall when climbing. Being able to move dynamically and use that momentum will be a lifesaver when your limbs start to get fatigued.

Take Your Indoor Bouldering Game Up a Notch

Indoor bouldering is tough to master, but it’s also not rocket science. By following these tips and persevering, you’ll be dominating that wall in no time.

But no matter how good your technique is, you’ll have a tough time without the right gear. Check out this top-tier gear for all your climbing needs.