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4 Rock Climbing Party Ideas for Young Climbers

Next year, rock climbing will make its debut as an Olympic sport.

This makes sense considering how popular climbing has become. Do you have a little one who is crazy about climbing? Why not throw them a rock climbing themed birthday party?

If you want to host a really fun rock climbing party for kids, here are some helpful tips!

1. Send Out Themed Invites

Keep in mind, not everyone loves rock climbing. So, make sure that invitees know what they’re getting themselves into.

You need to be very specific with what guests should wear, what they should bring, and how long they will be climbing for.

Why not choose a paper which is themed and has climbers on it? Finally, always add an RSVP so that you’re not left guessing how many people will turn up.

2. Book Your Climbing Location

For a rock climbing party, you need to go rock climbing. So, visit your local climbing wall and ask whether they can host the party.

Perhaps they’ll help make the party truly special by organizing games for the young ones. Maybe you’ll have to simply have guests climb for some time and then go to another location for more games and food.

Furthermore, can you add decorations to the location to make the vibe feel more like a “party” and less like a regular day?

Plan this aspect of the party closely to ensure no one else books on the day that you want to visit.

3. Choose Rock Climbing Themed Snacks

After climbing, kids are likely to be very hungry. So, make sure you have some delicious snacks prepared for them.

There should be a lot of water available too as this is thirsty work. Prepare a table with snacks that replenish energy such as PB&J sandwiches.

Then, make sure you have enough delicious treats that are themed. Think cookies with “boulders” on them, “climbing ropes” aka strawberry laces.

Furthermore, why not bake (or buy) a themed birthday cake? It could have candies on the outside for a Lego figure to climb up?

Struggling for ideas? You will find lots of inspiration on Pinterest.

4. Give Themed Thank You Gifts

After the party, it’s a great idea to say thank you by providing a gift. Nowadays, we know that plastic is seriously damaging the planet, so choose something more environmentally friendly.

For example, give guests a metal key chain that looks like one a climber would use. They can then use this for years. Alternatively, provide candies as a thank you.

You could also provide guests with a boulder bag or reusable water bottle gift that they can use when they next go climbing.

Make Your Rock Climbing Party Rock

If you’re hoping to host the best rock climbing party of the year, you need to start planning in advance.

Now, you also need to plan what you’re going to get your little one for their birthday too!

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