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3 Cool Climber Gear to Covet

There’s nothing like the thrill of climbing. And each year, more and more people across the country and around the world discover the joys and thrills of rock climbing. The appeal of the hobby and sport is such that many new trends have come into mass popularity.

Whether you’re a veteran climber or a complete novice, you’ll want to keep up with the latest trends in gear. There are a number of amazing new products and designs that can help to make your climbing outings the best they can be. 

If you’re an indoor or outside climber, read on. We’ll walk you through the trends and products you need to be aware of. 

1. Summit Pants

It’s important to be as comfortable and flexible as possible when rock climbing. Whether you’re working indoors or out in nature, your flexibility can be key when scaling any type of surface. 

Summit pants are a kind of pants that feature a stretchy, flexible waistline. They are growing in popularity among climbers of all ages. They allow a wider range of motion than most pants allow, giving climbers an advantage when they’re out and in action. 

The last thing you want is to tear your pants while out on a climb or be unable to take the steps you need to climb due to a lack of flexibility. Summit pants ensure that your climb will go off without a hitch. 

2. Chalk Bags

Almost all experienced climbers understand the importance of using climbing chalk. Not only is climbing chalk helpful when climbing indoors or outdoors, but it can also be essential to a climber’s safety. 

Climbing chalk helps to keep your hands dry and free of sweat when climbing. Dry hands mean an easier and more secure grip, an obvious advantage when climbing any sort of surface. 

In 2019, all new sorts of colorful and exciting chalk bags are becoming all the rage. Since this is an essential item for almost all climbers, there’s lots of room for variety and excitement. 

3. Bouldering Bags

There’s a lot of different items and tools you need when rock climbing. Chalk, rope, a pair of shoes, and more– it’s inevitable that you’ll need something to store this all in. Boulder bags are designed to hold all of these items and help you look great while doing it. 

There are many different styles of boulderbags, and plenty that can help to get across a sense of your personality. A unique boulder bag can be a great conversation starter and can help you get excited to get out there on the rocks.

Essential Trends For An Outside Climber

Rock climbing is taking off all around the world, and that means there are a number of trends to keep up with if you hope to be an experienced outside climber. The above are just a few hot trends you should be aware of. 

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