Tobias is an 8BPLUSteam climber since the beginning. His moves are impressive, his talent indisputable, and it is his ambitious goal to soon be among the best of the worldwide climbing circus. 8bplus will support this, wherever possible. Hang loose, Tobi!

Age: 18

From: Schwaz / Tirol (Austria)

Climbing since: 2010

Blog: My way to 8b+

Favourite spot: Zillertal (Tyrol), and Fuerstein (Tyrol)

Hardest route: Groundfall 7c+, Ohne Fleiss kein Preis 7b+, Major Tom 7b+

Annual chalk consumption: 7kg, strong upward trend

Favourite gear: My Marley Chalkbag and my GoPro Cam

Motto: There's nothing I can't climb!

Success Stories:
Placed 16th at the Austrian Boulderchampionships
Placed 3rd at Tyrol Cup 2011
3x Winner at Naturfreunde Bouldercup

If not climbing: ...I think of climbing!

Future plans: To climb better than my dad!
(Am doing that since a while but he likes to hear that...)


Hard routes are Stefan's playground and if you ask him for his favourite area, there is only Tirol as an answer. At the Boulder, on the highline or in the bigwall, you'll find Stefan only at places where other people would put on diapers. 8bplus in its purest form!

Age: 35

From: Kramsach / Tirol (Austria)

Climbing since: 2002

Favourite spot: Zillertal and Arco

Annual chalk consumption: for sure 10kg

Favourite gear: My 8BPLUS Chalkbag and Gearbag

Motto: Find the right work-climb balance ;)

If not climbing: I'm probably just planning a climbing trip.

Future plans: Spend more time in Arco


Johanna turns up the heat in the 8BPLUS Team. Only 17 years young she travels the world competing with the best for the youth worldcup titel. She climbs with soul, coolness, a good portion of fun and bold moves. True 8BPLUS style. Johanna, we wish you all the best!

Age: 17

From: Kumberg / Austria

Climbing since: 2008, since 2012 in the Austrian youth national team

Hardest route: 7b+ Oseus

Annual chalk consumption: way too much :)

Favourite gear: I always got my Felix chalkbag with me!

Motto: Nothing is impossible!

Success Stories:
6th at Youth Worldcup Vancouver 2013, Lead
1st Austria-Cup Saalfelden 2013, Lead
2nd Austria-Cup Vienna 2013, Boulder
1st Austria-Cup Hallein 2013, Boulder
9th Youth Worldcup Singapur 2012, Lead
4th Europa-Cup Linz 2012, Lead

If not climbing: I do other sports, hang with my friends and reading

Future plans: Win the Youth World- and Europecup. UNfortunately it didn't happen last year ;)


"I want to climb everything and everywhere!", is what you hear Nikolai say. Unfortunately work is keeping him off the rock for much of his time at the moment. Nevertheless, as soon as his finger touch rock, he's crushing it!

Age: 23

From: Hong Kong

Climbing since: 2008

Favourite spot: Céuse,France and Yangshuo,China

Hardest route: 8b+

Annual chalk consumption: umm... 10kg?

Favourite gear: Camalot and my 8b+ chalk bags (yes, I have more ;) )

Motto: I want to climb everything and everywhere! Climbing is my life, climbing is my love.

Success Stories:
Regularly featured in Asian Climbing Magazines

If not climbing: Unfortunately working too much at the moment...

Future plans: Work a bit less and climb a bit more again ;)


Nina from Linz (Upper Austria) is on of our youngest 8BPLUS team member. She has big plans for this year. Welcome Nina!

Age: 18

From: Linz / Upper Austria

Climbing since: 2009

Hardest route: 7c+

Annual chalk consumption: Until I run out of moeny :D

Favourite gear: My Felix chalkbag, climbing shoes and lots of chalk

Motto: You'll improve much faster if you don't forget to have fun

Success Stories:
3rd place Austria Cup Boulder IBK 2014
12th place Youth Europecup 2014
1st place OOE Regional Cup Lead Climb 2013

If not climbing: Meeting friends and going into holidays :)

Future plans: Climb as much as I can.


You are more likely to spot Natalie hanging off some structure than on the ground. And recently also on TV as an American Ninja Warrior. She is a powerhouse and we are proud to have her as an 8BPLUS ambassador.

Age: 25

From: Los Angeles, CA, USA

Climbing since: 2009

Blog: Chick on the rocks

Favourite spot: Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Hardest route: 7a+

Annual chalk consumption: 2 cups a week

Favourite gear: Stick brush, solar chatripod, 8BPLUS Bruno, water and beer

Motto: Get out, and get lost!

Success Stories:
2012 and 2013 1st place CCS State Champion
Won women's 1st place for over 15+ climbing competitions
2013 and 2016 American Ninja Warrior Competitor
15+ million views on Youtube with 100,000 subscribers

If not climbing: ...I'm a mad scientist. Graduated college in Neuroscience

Plans for 2016: Plug up some gear in Yosemite


Buttery micro crimps in the roof section? That's what Manu does before breakfast! Hard moves and his great companionship characterize him. And still he manages to keep enough feeling in his fingers for some worldclass photographs of his climbing mates. Born-and-bred Tyrolean. Awesome dude. There's nothing more to add!

Age: 29

From: Flirsch in Tyrol

Climbing since: 2000

Favourite spot: Himalaya / India

Hardest route: Glueckshormon 8b+, Oetztal

Hardest boulder: I think I need a chalk sponsor ;)

Annual chalk consumption: 7kg, strong upward trend

Favourite gear: My friends and a chalk filled 8BPLUS chalkbag ;)

Motto: Live life as much as I can never give up!

Success Stories: Each finished project counts as a success for me ;)

If not climbing: ...I must have the flu.

Future plans: Climb 'til my fingers smoke and get a few flashes on.


Daniel Parker aka Sharker does the raddest off width climbs! Imagine body-wide open cracks far above the ground. And now place Danny in there.

Age: 25

From: Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Climbing since: 2011

Blog: Offwidth Army

Favourite spot: Vedauwoo, WY, USA

Hardest route: The Forever 5.13+R

Annual chalk consumption: A handful a day keeps the sweat away

Favourite gear: Kiki my 8BPLUS Chalkbag. She is my spirit animal.

Motto: Climb all the things!

Success Stories:
Onsighted several of North Americas hardest offwidth cracks.

If not climbing: Sleeping, while probably dreaming of climbing

Future plans: Climb the Century Crack and establish new hard offwidth routes


New in our team and constantly looking for new fingerpockets, Satoshi makes sure the banter level is up at the crag!

Age: 30

From: Nagano, Japan

Climbing since: 2010

Favourite spot: Flagstaff, Arizona and Fontainebleau, France

Hardest route: 8a+

Annual chalk consumption: About 15-20% of my body weight

Favourite gear: My best friend the FREDDY chalk bag and mi lauritas (la sportivas)

Motto: Do it like a Buddhist

Success Stories:
Every time I'm out climbing with friends is a success story for me.

If not climbing: Chasing girls

Future plans: Less beer and more climbing!


Jon is currently crushing it! Touring the world, finding untouched crags and uplifting everyone he meets along the way! And he's a professional photographer too! Proud to have him on board the 8BPLUS Team. If the pic is stunning, its probably taken by Jon.

Age: 31

From: Cardiff, UK

Climbing since: ..I am 17 years old, when I should have been studying

Favourite spot: Fontainebleau

Hardest route: 8b - Local Spirit, Hong Kong and V11 - Nutsa, Rocklands

Annual chalk consumption: Off the charts

Favourite gear: Moritz is the most powerful sidekick!


Success Stories: Every day out is a success!

If not climbing: Sleeping and dreaming haha!

Future plans: Keep exploring!


Chironico! Val di Mello! What sounds like poetry to us, is what Federica calls her home turf! No wonder her pics turn out so gorgeous. It must be the rock formations. Welcome on board the 8BPLUS Team Federica! ;)

Age: 27

From: Como, Italy

Climbing since: 4 years

Favourite spot: Fontainebleau, Ticino, Peak district

Hardest route: From Darkness to Sunshine, 7c - Magic Woods, Switzerland

Annual chalk consumption: I could fill up the lake Como

Favourite gear: My Hector

Motto: Nothing is impossible if you have passion and are willing to sacrifice!

Success Stories: Every top out is a success for me haha ;)

If not climbing: I travel the world

Future plans: To overcome all my current limits in climbing and to progress beyond those!


A young, incredible talent from the blue mountains, Australia. She claimed her first record at age nine, as the youngest person to climb a grade 8b [5.13d]. Since then ticked off her first 8b+ [5.14a] at age ten and 8c [5.14b] at age eleven. We are psyched to see Angie progress further and having her on the 8BPLUS Team!

Age: 12

From: Blue Mountains / Australia

Climbing since: 2012

Favourite spot: Spain

Hardest route: 'L'Espiadimonis' (8c) Margalef, Spain and ‘Welcome to Tijuana (8c) Rodellar, Spain

Hardest boulder: ‘Panoptikum’ (V11) Grampians , Australia

Annual chalk consumption: 10kgs + 5kgs on my belayers head

Favourite gear: Hector and Paul the Pirate

Motto: Failure leads to success

Success Stories: Becoming the youngest person in the world to send a 8b at age 9

If not climbing: ...I am sleeping

Future plans: Travel , climbing and hopefully sending